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        For those with the courage and desire to enjoy life intensely, don’t miss out on the opportunity to do a tandem flight in scenic Rio de Janeiro! While hang gliding or paragliding, you will experience the freedom and adrenaline of flight paired with unforgettable views of some of the most beautiful vistas in Brazil, all enjoyed in total safety.


            To do a tandem flight, all you need is:

  • Be 14 years or older: participants from 14-18 years old must be accompanied by an parent or guardian of legal age and provided with identity documents

  • Suitable attire: you’ll need secure footwear such as sneakers (avoid slide ons, flip flops, heels, etc.), as well as comfortable clothes for the weather. Remember, you can expect cooler conditions during Brazil’s winter season from June to September, so you may want to bring a sweater. You’ll want 



If you are a visitor to Rio, do not leave your flight for the end of your trip as weather conditions can be unpredictable and may not be favorable on the day of your flight (rain, wind direction and intensity, etc.). The best way to ensure your adventure is to book with us as soon as you arrive in the city, allowing some buffer throughout your stay to reschedule in case of weather cancellations. We hate to see visitors return home frustrated when their flight is booked for the last day of their trip and unsafe weather causes flights to be canceled. Let’s work together by booking early to make sure you get to have the experience of a lifetime! 


            Regardless of the company you choose for your tandem adventure, make sure your instructor is accredited by the responsible bodies.


            Now that you have all the tips, pick up your phone and send us a message +55 21 97201-2732 for more information, pricing and scheduling. We look forward to working with you and leaving you with memories for a lifetime! 


            For both hang gliding and paragliding, participants will sign an agreement of responsibility at the Headquarters of the Clube Sao Conrado de Voo Livre (CSCVL) and will pay a fee of R$100.00. Per CSCVL regulations, this fee enrolls the participant as a member in the club and serves as tuition for one tandem flight lesson (the lesson is your Hangliding or Paragliding flight). This fee is included in the price of the flight and is mandatory for all tandem flights. Upon completing these procedures, you will be transported by car to the take off point at Pedra Bonita Ramp, inside Tijuca National Park in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro.


            You can reach Estilo Voo Livre many ways to schedule! We can schedule up to one day in advance. Call or Whatsapp: +55 21 97201-2732 (we speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese)




            On the day of your flight, please contact us to confirm the wind and weather conditions before leaving your house/hotel accommodations. Message via WhatsApp or call: +55 21 97201-2732. If conditions are permissible for flight, we will confirm with you and look forward to seeing you! If there are any weather changes that impact your flight, we will work with you to transfer the time to later on the same day or reschedule to another day.


So, what happens when we get on the ramp?

1) TRAINING:. After arriving at the ramp, the instructor will outfit you (the participant) with the necessary equipment (e.g., harness, helmet, etc.) and you will be trained with instructions and simulations for the flight. Don’t worry, you do not need to have any prior experience - you’ll be shown everything you need to know. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views and take photos with your group.

2) TAKEOFF: After your training and addressing any questions you have, all that’s left is to wait for your turn for takeoff. The takeoff process consists simply of a short jog down the length of the inclined ramp (less than 5 paces), allowing the you and your instructor to gain the momentum needed to initiate your flight! Don’t forget footwear appropriate for this quick burst of movement. 

3) FLIGHT: After take-off, it's time to relax, take pictures and enjoy the incredible views. Depending on wind conditions, the tandem flight lasts anywhere from 6 - 15 minutes. During this time, a Go-Pro will be recording your experience, so you’ll have the opportunity to pose with your instructor for pictures/video you can’t get anywhere else! Remember to avoid shoes that may fall off during flight (flip flops, ballet flats, slide ons) and any accessories you would be sad to lose (loose bracelets, for example). 

4) LANDING: Flights land on the beach of Sao Conrado - one your instructor lines the flight up with the landing area on the beach, there is a speedy descent to the ground and then suddenly, the hang glider gently hovers above the ground for a moment before touching down with your feet in the sand. Please wear shoes that you will be comfortable walking through the sand in to get back to the paved sidewalk - sneakers or secured sandals such as Chacos or Tevas are perfect! 

5) IMAGES OF YOUR ADVENTURE: After landing, you will be directed to the images table, where you will have access to your videos and photos. You can purchase whichever combination of photos/video you prefer to take home and share with your friends and family! We work with latest generation HD cameras. We have some options on how to get these pictures: mobile phone (approximately 3Gb of free memory required), your memory card or flash drive (please bring with you!), or we can burn a DVD for you to take.

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