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Hang Gliding and Paragliding Instructor

        Hang gliding and paragliding has always been my passion. I started practicing the sport when I was 18 years old. I flew on ramps located in several cities in Brazil in cross country mode. With experience, I started to participate in regional and national championships.

        Hang gliding and paragliding there is an increasing leveling according to the experience and classifications in championships, starting with level I and ending with Level IV, Instructor and Pilot of Double Flight of Instruction. It is in this leveling that I fit. The highest and last of the sport.

        Being able to be a Pilot of Tandem Flight Instruction, in addition to all the requirements you read above, I did my own preparation with constant training, meteorology courses, safety and a high knowledge of the equipment used.

        I am fully prepared to realize your dream of  flying free pass the emotion that I feel when flying hang gliding and paragliding in the skies in Rio de Janeiro city, the most beautiful in the world.


  • CSCVL - Clube São Conrado de Voo Livre

  • CBVL - Confederação Brasileira de Voo Livre

  • FAI - Fédération Aéronautique Internationale


  • Hang Gliding Instructor Pilot

  • Paragliding Instructor Pilot

  • Instructional Tandem Flight Pilot

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